Rupiah Banda sets his lawyer on Tayali

Rupiah Banda sets his lawyer on Tayali

Hobday Kabwe

Hobday Kabwe

Former president Rupiah Banda has set his lawyer Hobday Kabwe on Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali.

Hobday Kabwe and Company have dragged Tayali and Zambian Voice to court for non payment of legal fees (K407, 000) representing him in an appeal case in which Tayali joined proceedings where Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) sued JCN Holdings Ltd, Post Newspapers and Mutembo Nchito for the payment of K14 million loans.



According to lawyer Kabwe, numerous reminders had been sent to Tayali but he has neglected, failed and ignored to settle the amount making the plaintiff’s law firm continue to suffer loss of use of the legal fees duly earned in the said period.

The statement in court says ‘ On July 12 and 14 2012, Tayali acting on his own behalf and second defendant did personally appoint Hobday Kabwe and Company guarantying the payment of legal fees with the first amount being K 70,000 as deposit before commencement of proceedings.

The hours gave rise to an accrued amount of K407, 000.00 in legal fees due and payable by Tayali and Zambian Voice.

THE TRUTH however is that Tayali was contracted by former president Rupiah Banda to fight Mutembo Nchito and Fred M’embe. Hobday Kabwe is Rupiah Banda and MMD’s official lawyer. Hobday Kabwe is the lawyer Rupiah Banda used to defame and insult late Michael Sata up to three days before Sata was elected president. See below what Kabwe said on Sep 17, 2011 about Sata as reported in the Zambia Daily Mail

Kabwe is also the lawyer representing  most people who were arrested after PF came into power for stealing money and defaming Sata . He is also the lawyer who represented the MMD when the Registrar of Societies de-registered the MMD IN 2012.

Three days before Sata was elected president, the Daily Mail carried the following article:


LUSAKA lawyer Hobday Kabwe says Zambia risks experiencing unprecedented levels of lawlessness in the unlikely event that Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata wins the September 20 elections.

In an interview on September 15, Mr Kabwe said Mr Sata and his followers have so far shown that they have no regard for the rule of law. He was reacting to Mr Sata’s threat to deal with citizens whom he considers to be corrupt if he is elected President.

Mr Sata was quoted in yesterday’s edition of The Post newspaper saying the country will see all the thieves on September 22, 2011.

“This statement attributed to a person who is aspiring to become Republican President makes very sad reading. He sounds like he has already secured convictions for these people and he is just waiting to sentence them,” Mr Kabwe said.

He said it is unfortunate that Mr Sata can use a political platform to threaten innocent citizens instead of delivering a message of hope for Zambians.

“It seems Mr Sata does not learn from the free legal advice we give him. There is no way he can call someone a ‘thief’ without reliable evidence and the law presumes everyone innocent until proven guilty,” Mr Kabwe said.

He warned Zambians to be cautious and ensure that they do not vote for Mr Sata to avoid putting someone with a dictatorial character into office.

He said the people have a perfect opportunity to assess the difference between Mr Sata and President Banda through the duo’s utterances.

“While President Banda has been consistent in focusing on delivering the message of hope to Zambians, Mr Sata’s statements are in most cases about lawlessness. What kind of a President will he make in an unlikely event that he wins the elections next week?” Mr Kabwe said.

He urged well-meaning Zambians to ensure that the economic and social gains the country has attained under President Banda are maintained by retaining the MMD in power.

Mr Kabwe said President Banda has clearly demonstrated his passion to develop all parts of the country without discrimination.

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