Rupiah gives face of Africa winner VIP status

.President Rupiah Banda has urged youths in the country to remain focused and use their talents to the best of their ability.

President Banda urged young people to embrace the spirit of hard work and productivity adding that this is what will move the country forward.

Mr Banda said the future of this country is dependent on the younger generation who are expected to take the country to higher heights through various avenues.

He was speaking at a luncheon hosted in honour of the 2010 M-Net face of Africa winner Lukundo Nalungwe at State House today.

President Banda also advised Nalungwe to plan properly for the money she won from the competition.

Mr Banda also honoured her with a VIP status in Zambia and thanked the sponsors and urged them to continue sponsoring young ladies in the modeling industry.

And First Lady Thandiwe Banda said the country is endowed with a talented and knowledgeable population whose intellectual capital needs to be harnessed in the social economic and scientific fields.

Mrs Banda said Nalungwe’s victory in the competition has opened new doors in her modeling career, which will propel her on to the global stage.

She hoped that the M-net face of Africa Winner will serve as a true Zambian and ambassador to inspire other Africans especially young women.

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