Rupiah has no mandate to carry out anybody’s legacy – Dora

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda has no mandate to carry out the late Levy Mwanawasa’s legacy, MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has declared, according to the Post newspaper.

Featuring on Voice of America’s (VOA) Daybreak Africa programme on Tuesday, Siliya said President

Banda’s mandate was to carry out the programmes of the MMD and not an individual’s.

“President Banda has no mandate to carry out the legacy of anybody but the legacy of the MMD,” responded Siliya when presenter James Butty asked her if she believed that President Banda had done enough to carry out the agenda of the late president Levy Mwanawasa on economic development and promotion of democracy in Zambia.

Siliya said the MMD was a big party, which was now on its third president and “we continue with the same programme because this party has a very clear blueprint reflected in its manifesto and we review this manifesto every five years when we are going to elections to meet the aspirations of the people”.

Siliya said that is why leaders would come and go but the plan remains the same, the MMD plan.

“And that is President Banda’s mandate, and that was the same mandate that president Mwanawasa had when he was elected in 2001; the same mandate that president Frederick Chiluba had when he was elected in 1991,” said Siliya.

Featuring on the same programme, Kafulafuta MMD member of parliament George Mpombo accused President Banda of having abandoned the Mwanawasa legacy which propped him up to the presidency.

“When we were campaigning for President Rupiah Banda to take over from the late Mwanawasa, he Banda committed himself to the upholding of the legacy that was left by president Mwanawasa in terms of good governance, fight against corruption and also continue on the economic policies. Now there is a total reverse of all those issues,” said Mpombo.

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