‘Rupiah is a failure, a disaster’

The Post Newspaper says President Rupiah Banda is at the helm of all MMD problems, deficiencies, mistakes or errors .

In its editorial comment for Wednesday, the post says it is no longer possible for anyone to conceal the fact that there are serious problems in the MMD, the ruling party’s deficiencies have become full-blown for all to see.

At the helm of all these problems, deficiencies, mistakes or errors of the MMD is Rupiah Banda. It will not be easy to deal with these problems because Rupiah is not only at the helm of the MMD leadership but he is also the head of state and government.

We have reached the conclusion; we are convinced, that Rupiah, abusing the faith placed in him, in his position as acting president of the MMD and as President of the Republic of Zambia, has started to follow a path that is selfish and destructive, a path that has departed from serving the interest of Zambian people heart and soul.

Today Rupiah supports, promotes and defends the most detestable practices. Today Rupiah defends corruption and is the bulwark in the defence of Frederick Chiluba’s corruption.

The entire editorial is here: http://www.postzambia.com/post-read_article.php?articleId=2370

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