Rupiah is driving Zambia to the brink of civil war – Nawakwi

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has observed that President Rupiah Banda is driving the country to the brink of civil war because he has allowed a “useless policeman” to abuse his office.

Commenting on the violence that characterised the campaigns in the Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election, Nawakwi said President Banda was squarely to blame for the violence.

“Now we are reaching a level where truly if the President does not take action not only against the perpetrator in the police service, one Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde who is clearly a perpetrator of violence and not only Kabonde but his party cadres, Chris Chalwe, if he does not take action, he is driving this country to a brink of civil war,” Nawakwi said.

“Only President Rupiah Banda will be answerable to the people of Zambia and God for this blood that is starting to drip. It does not take an outsider, it shouldn’t take the international community to come to Zambia and tell us that peace and tranquility is as valuable as air.”

Nawakwi said Kabonde was the last person any reasonable leader would want to have by their side.
She said Kabonde’s main agenda was economic survival and he was in office only to serve his master’s wish.

However, Nawakwi said the Zambian taxpayers who were responsible for paying Kabonde’s salary did not deserve “this incompetence.”
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