Rupiah, Lungu anti-Bemba crusade in PF

Hold my Identity secret, but publish this analysis,

Watch how Evil and Tribal Rupiah Banda and Lungu are. Rupiah came out of retirement just to make it sure that Nevers Mumba does not have it easy! He shocked even the churches at the level of confusion and hatred he sponsored in MMD just to make sure Mumba did not enjoy a glass of water, or must I say share the Northern vote with Lungu, he came from no where and claimed to be the right candidate to stand just to cause confusion, and later supported who (Lungu) of course! Now he is doing it again, just after a fake reconciliation, he has gone behind Mumba again to sponsor a shameless convention and Mumba has been beaten twice right on his face!!!

And I wonder what those fake Pastors who spearheaded the reconciliation processes are thinking! {But then, they they are all part of the wako ni wako scheme, Pukuta Mwanza and Joshua Banda] They, Lungu and Rupiah are fighting and replacing any strong Bemba candidate with either an easterner or a weaker Bemba whom they can manipulate, and for now they got Felix Mutati. Look at the betrayal, what is MMD under Felix going to negotiate for other than what Rupiah wants and has already negotiated for? Mumba would have negotiated for running mate but this Rupiah could not allow as it could give the Bembas the presidency in future. Today felix feels he is the MMD president but the one calling all the shots we know him already, the snake Rupiah Bwezani kanitundila Banda!,

Observe how tribal Lungu and Rupia are!!! Lungu has managed to make sure all the True strong PF strong Bemba guys who started PF have been chucked out of the party or are being frustrated to the point they are either made to fight each other!!! Unless they are loyal to the wako ni wako then they have no room in PF. Take a closer look to what is happening to Emmanual Mwamba? The guy has made several attempts even to stand in his home village and Lungu has made sure he has no chance in Kasama. He stopped civil servants to stand just to block Mwamba but allowed other civil servants like Sturdy Mwale, Bishop Chomba, a weak Bemba, to stand but they are civil servants.

See how many Bemba guys have been replaced by the Dora siliya group? How they are clapping at how Chishimba and GBM fight!!! Only that Chishimba kambwili can’t see it! Look at how the adoption process for the MPs have been done!!! On one hand pretended to look so humble while he is doing a lot of evil against the many innocent Zambians! How many opposition cadres have died on Lungu’s watch as president and how many have been caught and tried in the courts??? He and RB are free to sell our country to foreigners just so that they can remain looting in power!!! They have illegally given foreigners NRCs and voters cards, what does that leave us Zambians? What power or sense of belonging do we have? Do we deserve such leaders?

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