Rupiah makes another appointment in PF govt

Former President Rupiah Banda has continued calling the shots in the Edgar Lungu led government. Today, President Edgar Lungu swore in Christopher Mvunga as New Finance Deputy Minister. Mvunga who until his appointment was a senior employee at Standard Bank in South Africa is the young brother to Professor Patrick Mvunga a personal lawyer to Rupiah Banda. Yesterday, President Edgar Lungu swore in Lucky Mulusa as his Special assistant for project monitoring.
After being sworn in Lucky Mulusa declared that his allegiance lies with Rupiah Banda.
Coincidentally, Mvunga and Mulusa are very close associates. Mvunga worked for Standard Group when Mulusa worked for The Department of Treasury in South Africa. Meanwhile, information has emerged that Christopher Mvunga will soon be appointed Finance Minister replacing Alexandra Chikwanda who is suspected to be one of the Bemba clique undermining President Edgar Lungu. Others not happy with Lungu’s administration includes the likes of Harry Kalaba, Nkandu Luo, Miles Sampa, Davies Mwila.

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