Rupiah wants to appoint rebel MPs, says Lubinda

The Patriotic Front says it has information that president Rupiah Banda plans to appoint its Rebel Members of Parliament to Ministerial positions.

PF spokesperson Given Lubinda disclosed to QFM that president Banda also plans to appoint someone who has derailed the constitution making process as Deputy Chairman of Committee of the whole House, taking over from Mr Mkondo Lungu who has been appointed Home Affairs Minister.

Mr Lubinda says the Patriotic Front does not support what he terms as dubious appointment of opposition Members to cabinet by president Rupiah Banda.

He however states that the PF is not moved by the information that the President is planning to appoint PF rebel Members of Parliament to Ministerial positions.

And Mr Lubinda says President Rupiah Banda should desist from claiming that he has appointed a Minister from the opposition because UNIP seized to be a party standing on its own when he was appointed republican Vice President by late president Levy Mwanawasa.

He says the PF-UPND pact is aware that the MMD and UNIP have formed an undeclared Pact.

Meanwhile Mr Lubinda says the PF-UPND pact will be officially launched after the forthcoming Luena parliamentary by-elections.

The Luena seat fell vacant following the resignation of Former Independent Member of Parliament Member Charles Milupi who has taken over the leadership of the Alliance for Democracy and Development.

Mr Lubinda says both party leaders of the pact understand that members are anxious for the official Launch of the Pact stressing that even the Leaders themselves are also concerned about the amount of time it is taking to launch the pact.

Mr Lubinda explains that the delay in launching the Pact has been caused by the unprecedented by-elections that have come along the way.

He says each time the parties are about to Launch the pact they are faced with the challenge of preparing for a by-election.

There have been calls from both pact members to hasten its Launch so that the Members can speak with one Voice.

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