Rupiah’s failed strategists take over Lungu campaigns

Rupiah’s failed strategists take over Lungu campaigns


– The country, including most genuine PF members are already irritated by the useless but expensive campaign of branding books, condoms, tissue with Lungu’s face.

The failed team that engineered the most expensive but failed political campaign of Rupiah Banda has taken over President Edgar Lungu’s campaign.

Rupiah Banda’s 2011 campaign was run by Martin Mtonga and Muhabi Lungu and financed by Valden Harry Findlay who targeted; a Chitenge for every voter, sweets for every child, flags for every tree, bicycles for every peasant farmer, T-shirt’s printed for every cadre and vehicle for each constituency.
The team has just dusted their old and failed plans and put them into action.

Zambians were disgusted by this wasteful use resources and punished Rupiah Banda with an electoral loss.

Zambians knew this money was stolen from government coffers.

So with the bankruptcy of ideas at State House( Kaizer Zulu) and a failed Secretary General, (Davies Mwila) at the Party Secretariat, it has become easy for failed political charlatans to provide solutions.

Disgraced businessman and drug baron, Valden Findlay who is literally the Chief of Staff at State House, has taken over the planning and execution of Lungu’s 2021 campaign.

Findlay recently appointed his errand boy, Andrew Chellah at State House as Special Assistant for Projects and Monitoring.

Findlay also ensured that the Head of State appointed and elevated RB’s Chief campaign manager, Dr Martin Mtonga’s position of National Coordinator of the Smart Centre Zambia to the level of Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet.

The team have now purchased motorbikes, bicycles(Former Minister of Mines Maxwell Mwale and others were jailed for this), branded calendars, books, chitenges and other things.
With his central role at State House, Findlay has become so untouchable that he has made Zambia a drug-hub for drugs between Asia and Africa.
He has also picked up numerous contracts including the $20million deal to supply hammer mills across Zambia from a Chinese loan.

On our Facebook page, you can  listen to one PF supporter advising Edgar Lungu and his fellow thieves to stop panicking but use public money to benefit poor people not to brand toilet paper, books etc

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