Rural based priest asks Sata to Forgive fired nurses

Dear Editor,

Allow me to pass this message to the President of the Republic of Zambia on the plight of the Nurses who have lost their jobs as a result of their strike action.

I am a Catholic Priest working in the Western Province. In two days time all Christians will be celebrating Christmas, a day we remember the coming of Jesus our Lord and saviour. As this day dawns on us I am thinking of the families of the nurses who have lost their jobs, the pain and anguish they will experience of entering the new year without monies to support their families.

Their children, some of them will be our future presidents, ministers, pastors, doctors, etc. will be affected heavily.  Allow to me to kneel down as a servant of God with all other servants who believe in forgiveness,  on behalf of all the nurses who went on strike illegally, I am asking for forgiveness for them from you Mr. President, from the families of people who were deeply affected by their strike action, the honourable minister of health  and all Zambians.

Enough mistakes have been made, lessons have been learnt and it will be sad for the country to celebrate Christmas without having forgiven these brothers and sisters of ours. I appeal to you as a parent and also as a spiritual son of the Catholic Church to exercise mercy and forgiveness. I appeal to you as a Catholic Priest, the faith we share demands mercy and forgiveness. Please forgive them as a Christmas gift.  Your excellence I urge you out of love, our country Zambia is a Christian Nation and as such we need to practice the art of forgiveness.  If these poor words from a pastor of a rural church can reach you and acted upon Christmas will be more meaningful to us.

Respectfully Submitted

Rev. Fr. Muyunda Chanakila

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