Rwanda praises Shikapwasha for condemning Catholics



The News Times newspaper of Rwanda has praised Zambian government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha for condemning Catholics on their alleged role in genocide.

In its editorial for Wednesday, the paper says Shikapwasha’s condemnation of Catholics is solidarity for the victims of genocide.

The editorial follows verbatim.

Kigali — While addressing the Zambian Parliament, The country’s Chief Government spokesperson and Minister of Information Lt Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha came out loud and clear in condemning the Roman Catholic Church for their role in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.He accused the church of ‘forgetting their mandate and siding with man and not God.’

This condemnation may not be something new, but the fact that it has freshly been brought up in a brotherly nation, should send a strong message to the men of God to come up openly practice what they preach. A simple confession could put many hearts to rest. But more important is that this acknowledgment from our brothers in Zambia could be an eye opener that should translate into something bigger for the Rwandan Genocide Survivors. Zambia is a home to over a dozen of indicted genocide fugitives. Many continue to shelter under the guise of being refugees living in numerous camps within Zambia. Some have even taken on a new identity and integrated communities, engaged in all sorts of socio-economic activities. Relevant Links * Central Africa * Southern Africa * Rwanda * Zambia The remarks by the Hon. Zambian Minister on Rwandan genocide before his lawmakers should ignite a more zealous urge to apprehend these fugitives who continue to elude justice. They should spark Zambia’s lawmakers into questioning how their security organs have handled the issue of Rwandan fugitives. These cold blooded characters continue to roam the continent and rest of the World using pseudo identities. If governments show more will and commitment to track down these fugitives, there’s no doubt that fishing them out would become a simple task. Recall that justice delayed is justice denied. Fifteen years on, survivors of the 1994 Genocide continue to crave for this justice.

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