Rwanda wants treaty to extradite genocide suspects from Zambia

rwandaThe governments of Rwanda and Zambia are discussing an
extradition treaty, that will enable fugitives from justice in their countries to be sent back to face the law.
Rwandan prosecution spokesman, Augustine Nkusi, has been quoted saying this will be a major boost to the efforts to track down suspects, especially those responsible for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The New Times newspaper of Rwanda last month reported that there are about 12 people hiding in Zambian refugee camps wanted for the 1994 genocide in that country.

Rwanda and Kenya will this month sign a similar extradition treaty, according to Rwanda media.

Rwanda says it has made  several requests for the extradition of suspects in countries like Zambia, even some posted on the Interpol Red Notice, but the major impediment has been lack of extradition treaties with the host countries.

British NGO Aegis trust last month put the number of suspected perpetrators of the Genocide against the Tutsi, believed to be moving free in different parts of the world, at 200,000.

The Gacaca courts have on their part compiled data suggesting that some 44,204 Rwandans accused of participating in the Genocide are living abroad.

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