Rwandese in danger as Zambia signs extradition treaty with Rwanda



Edgar Lungu and Rwandan president Paul Kagame have signed an extradition treaty between Zambia and Rwanda.

The treaty will allow Zambia to hand over Rwandese asylum seekers based in Zambia back to their country to face trial once requested by the government of Rwanda.

A number of Rwandese who fled their country for fear of being killed by Kagame in 1994 were granted asylum in Zambia by successive governments.

But Lungu, known for treachery and corruption has agreed to handover the asylum seekers to Kagame for possible killing.

A number of Rwandese in Lusaka closed their shops today and went into hiding for fear of the Rwandan intelligence officers who have flooded Lusaka as Rwandan President Paul Kagame is visiting Zambia.

Other agreements that have been signed include an agreement on defence and security cooperation and one on air services.

A number of Rwandese asylum seekers  have refused to go back to Rwanda and opted to stay in Zambia at the end of their refugee status for fear of being killed if they go back.


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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Bringing Paul Kagame near is to bring fire into your home or family.Paul Kagame was born to kill

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    Mwiya 9 months

    Sadly, not every Rwandan who sought refuge in Zambia committed ant wrongdoing. Others have a genuine fear because of what has happened to others. One never knows the selection criteria used in targeting who gets killed. A number of those who were convinced to return to Rwanda found themselves in trouble with the authorities upon their return. Trust them at your own peril!

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      Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

      When Kagame Paul penetrate Zambia then wait and see what will follow soon. Rwandan refugees appreciate the hospitality offered to them in Zambia but soon Zambia is going to have refugees by bringing Paul Kagame nearby.

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      Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

      Open Letter TO Edger Lungu On The Visit Of Mr Paul Kagame
      Dear President Lungu
      I am compiled to write this open letter because of the above subject. I am a Rwandan refugee living in Norway
      As much as you have every right to invite who your country wishes you need to ask yourselves as a country a number of questions. How are these leaders you invite treating their nationals.
      Your Excellency , your brother Paul Kagame ,comes to Zambia with dirty hands. But if Zambia wants to make her hands dirty by shaking them with dictators like Paul Kagame then I don’t know where our beloved Africa is going to.
      Your Excellency , a man like Mr Kagame who is well known for human rights violation within and out side Rwanda is of no use to your democratic country which respects the right of every citizen through the freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of assembly and freedom of choice.
      A man like Mr Kagame who does not want to leave power is of no use to your democratic country which continues to enjoy the smooth transfer of power through holding free and fair elections where the opposition leaders are allowed to register their political parties without hindrance from the state.
      Your Excellency, there is no opposition in Rwanda. While in a democracy the role of the opposition is to provide checks and balance to the government, in Rwanda Mr. Kagame does not tolerate anyone who is opposed to his views.
      It is in this regards that he has made sure that no voice of an opposition is heard in Rwanda,only those that sing praises to him are given space speak.
      The opposition figures in Rwanda who have shown the willingness to stand up and challenge him using their democratic rights, have been arrested in some trumped up charges and others have been denied an entry to Rwanda by Kagame through the immigration authority.
      The recent case of Father Thomas Nahimana an exiled politician living in France who attempted twice to travel to Rwanda to register his political party Ishema party. He was denied entry into his own country together with his team. This makes a sad reading.This goes on to show how far Mr. Kagame has reached in closing the political space in my country.
      Rwandans can indeed be declared persona non grata in their own country for politically not agreeing with Mr. Paul Kagame.
      Madame Victiore Ingabire Umuhoza who is serving a 15 years imprisonement for simply expressing that she stands ready to unite the country. She wanted to register her party so that she can participate in the elections. It is now over 5 years her political party the United Democratic Force of Rwanda FDU Inkingi is not registered. It’s members are being brutalised every day by the Kagame brutal regime. This this the same story with PDP Imanzi of Deogratias Mushayidi.
      Mr. Deogratias Mushayidi serving life imprisonement for simply being a Tutsi who doesn’t agree with Kagame’s leadership style of victimization.
      Mr. Kagame being a Tutsi, expects every Tutsi to agree with him even when it is clear that he is not following the principles of democracy.
      Your Excellency, a man like Mr. Kagame who is a well known trouble maker in great lakes region, is of no use to a respectable country like Zambia which enjoys good relationships with her neighbouring countries in the region.
      A man who does not respect the three arms of government by controlling parliament and judiciary. He is of no use to a country like Zambia where these arms of government work independently.
      There is no democracy in Rwanda, your Excellency.
      Africa is even late on the issue of this subject.I believe that we can not say Africa is a Democratic continent when some of her countries are living in a world that does not support or promote the fruits of democracy.The democracy issue in Rwanda is of great concern as
      Paul Kagame has failed to uphold the principles of democracy.
      He has failed by amending the constitution to allow himself to stay in power forever while he knows his term of office is coming to an end in August 2017.
      Your country, Mr. President is one of the countries which can boast of having fruits of democracy ,but the question is. what is Zambia doing to help other countries reach the minimum attribute of a free country?
      Your Excellency, being a leader of a country that is building her Democratic attributes, Zambia can help a country like Rwanda to meet the same.
      Zambia can help Rwanda by facilitating a madiation between Kagame’s government and the opposition political parties so that a sustainble solution is found to the currently pending political tension in Rwanda.
      Your Excellency, being the President of a country which is hosting a lot of Rwandese refugees, you are in the best position to initiate this madiation and as a Rwandan who is hungry for true deomocracy in my country Rwanda, I look up to you to restore our hope.
      Your Excellency, I am appealing to you, as you are going to share the meal with your brother Mr.Paul Kagame, whisper to him to open up the political space in Rwanda. Challenge him to free Madame Victoire Ingabire and Mr. Deogratias Mushayidi and let their political parties be registered, whisper to your brother to let Father Thomas Nahimana and his team travel to Rwanda.
      Your Excellency whisper to Mr. Paul Kagame to stop kidnapping, torturing and killing the innocent Rwandans through his notorious directorate of military intelligence(DMI).
      Finally your Excellency, I would like to thank your peaceful country Zambia for providing a home to hundreds of Rwandese refegees including myself who ran away from Mr. Paul Kagame,s brutal regime.
      Your Excellency, your intervention in resolving the political problem in Rwanda will go a long way in restoring peace and stability in the great lakes region and lessen your country’s burden of hosting refugees.
      May God bless you and the nation of Zambia.
      Jeanne Mukamurenzi,
      Trondheim, Norway.

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      Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months


      More violence awaiting Lusaka and Zambia after the visit of Paul Kagame.DMI elements of Kagame Paul flooding Lusaka in a good numbers ready to strike more heavier than last year.


      Learn more abaout “HIMA TUTSI Kingdom” and Kagame Paul, their King in Africa

      More on: HIMA TUTSI KINGDOM on

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    OneNation 9 months

    There could be a lot of the “refugees” who participated in the genocide with a lot of blood on their hands. These may even be a danger to the peace in our country.

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      Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

      When you oppose to Paul Kagame in Rwanda or outside Rwanda as a Hutu he will call you a genocidal and he will kill you. When you oppose to him as a Tutsi or a foreigner like you then Kagame Paul will kill you calling you a genocide denial. Kagame Paul was born to kill. He is serial killer reason why he is hunting people wherever he goes so that he keeps himself on power till he dies. Yes this time Rwandan people are suffering because of Kagame Paul the killer but tomorrow will be another country somewhere in the world or even in Africa to be hunted in a way Kagame Paul is haunting to crack down people so that he remains on power.

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    Tina 9 months

    Zambian be careful with that lion the lion who was born to kill and eat humans the way you are welcoming him is the way he will hunts you don’t know him lungi is putting Zambian s in big trouble

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    kwando 9 months

    The weapon you use on your friend will one day work against you.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 9 months

    The point still is that the Hutus killed millions of Tutsis and cannot and should not hide in Zambia. What Lungu is signing to will work against him when his regime seeks refuge in Rwanda in the future for crimes against humanity. We will smoke out these Wako former slave traders from wherever they will be hiding, including Rwanda.

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      Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

      As much you rely on Kagame Paul information because he is on power try to search and fin out who caused the Rwandan genocide. It is clear. It is Paul Kagame. Yes Tutsi died as more than 1,000,000; Kagame Paul killed more than 4,000,000 Hutus and more than 300 Twas killed by Paul Kagame since 1990.Go to RDC Kagame Paul has killed there more than 20 million of RDC up to now. Read and search and find out the truth about Rwandan genocide and Paul Kagame the author

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    He is now killing every one Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda and outside. Kagame Paul was born just to kill. There nothing good about enjoying killing

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Kagame wants just to remain on power just to use the genocide to silence every one whom he fears

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Today are refugees from Rwanda tomorrow might be even Zambians as well the world is like that

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Kagame Paul caused genocide in Rwanda and now he wants to be shown innocent by haunting all those he wanted to eliminate and he is being praised for that. Zambia has done its best but there is no criteria that a refugee has always to be haunted over to the one who wants to kill him

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Zambians have nothing to celebrate over that treaty because one day you never know what becomes of your country. Rwanda was a peaceful country until Paul Kagame invaded it causing genocide and now he is the one being praised for killing people more than 20 million and yet he is free. World keep it up!

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    The one who has prepared and caused genocide is the one to haunt down those he has been wanting to eliminate. such a world! Paul Kagame keep it up the world has given you all the powers to kill and kill and kill freely. Be praised for that. The world is for the killers that is why peace will never be seen in this world

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Agony is when the one who has caused in your country becomes the judge of those he wanted to kill. Let Kagame Paul be praised for having killed so many people and still killing some. such is the world.Other countries like Zambia one day will fell the same those innocent refugees are going through. “Mighty makes right”

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Could Rwanda’s Paul Kagame be Africa’s worst ‘serial killer?’
    We belatedly bring our readers the last section of the amazing revelations concerning the leadership of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. The authors of this article, Edward S Herman and David Peterson have written a book ‘Enduring Lies: The Rwandan Genocide in the Propaganda System, 20 Years Later (The Real News Books, 2014), which is now on sale in good bookshops around the world. In the final part here, they accuse Kagame of having been involved in the killing so far, of three African leaders. In addition to having already agreed with a BBC documentary on Rwanda that it was indeed Paul Kagame whose actions started the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the authors believe he is also not only responsible for assassinating Rwandan exiles but has ‘personally’ ordered the killing of at least 17 Rwanda Patriotic Army officers. Read on:
    The list of former Kagame associates who eventually testified to Kagame’s responsibility for the shoot-down [of President Habyarimana’s plane in 1994] is impressively large; Peter Erlinder, the U.S. defense attorney and former lead defense counsel before the ICTR, estimates that the number “now exceeds eight,” but we suspect the total is considerably higher. But any number is especially impressive, given that former members of Kagame’s inner circle who provide such testimony, place themselves at great risk, as Kagame and some of his underlings have been regularly engaged in the permanent silencing of critics [e.g. Patrick Karegyeya].Estimates vary of the number of former allies who were later killed on orders from Kagame.
    Particularly vulnerable and at highest-risk are figures who possess “knowledge of the regime’s darkest secrets and had themselves been involved in its crimes,” as Reyntjens puts it. Reyntjens quotes a former RPF member “exiled in Europe” who claims he was ordered to assassinate Kayumba Nyamwasa (who in fact has survived four assassination attempts), and could name 17 other former RPF officers “murdered on Kagame’s orders.” Anyone “considered a threat, Hutu and Tutsi alike, were physically eliminated.” Exiles from Kagame Power were eliminated either because they had knowledge of Kagame’s responsibility for the assassinations of the Rwandan and Burundian presidents in April1994, or because Kagame suspected them of disloyalty and plotting against him, or of leaking sensitive information to the world outside his base of supporters.
    According to Reyntjens, Ruzibiza claimed the “physical elimination of over twenty military, in addition to several foreigners working in Rwanda who were suspected of having leaked information on RPF abuse….” Kagame is also implicated in the January 2001 assassination of yet a third head-of-state, Laurent-Désiré Kabila, Kagame’s handpicked successor to Mobutu after Rwanda and Uganda drove Mobutu from power in May 1997. In 2010, many of the most prominent surviving exiles from Kagame Power went on to found the Rwanda National Congress, and called for the end of the Kagame dictatorship, once and for all. But the establishment U.S. and U.K. media have rarely given Kagame’s regime of terror and assassination the attention that it deserves, paralleling the United States’ and Britain’s longtime support of Kagame, and of course the 38 slavishly follow the same apologetic silence on this matter.

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    Amani Mahoro Peace 9 months

    Darling of the West, terror to his opponents: Meet Rwanda’s new scourge – Paul Kagame
    Patrick Karegeya knew Paul Kagame well. The pair went to school together, worked alongside each other in Ugandan intelligence and then fought to free their country from the genocidal gangsters who unleashed horror in their native Rwanda. When Kagame became president, Karegeya was put in charge of foreign intelligence services.
    But after a decade, their disagreements, including over human rights and attacks on neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, became too strong. He was relieved of his duties, stripped of his rank as colonel and jailed. Once free he fled, later joining forces with three other prominent exiles to lead opposition to Kagame’s government.
    Knowing the Rwandan president so well, Karegeya was under no illusions what might happen to him, especially after his friend Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa was shot in the stomach in South Africa in 2010. “The Rwandan government can no longer tolerate any dissent,” he said last year. “There is a deliberate plan to finish us off.”
    Now the plain-speaking Karegeya is dead, his brutalised body discovered in the room of a luxury South African hotel. A murder investigation has been launched. It seems he was strangled, a rope from the hotel curtains found with a bloodied towel in the safe.
    Patrick Karegeya was found dead in a luxury South African hotel
    Rwandan officials deny any complicity. They always do, of course. It is part of the regime’s tactics, their smart diplomats throwing up smokescreens while smearing enemies and exploiting global sympathy for the genocide.
    But Nyamwasa, a former Rwandan army chief who has survived two assassination attempts, asked who else might want to kill his friend. “It is not the first time and it is not the last. Most of President Kagame’s political opposition are in exile or in prison or are dead.”
    It may take time for the full facts to filter out. Initial reports say police want to interview a Rwandan man who met Karegeya at a rail station then went with him to the hotel in the upmarket suburb of Sandton.
    Yet one thing is certain beyond the death of an important dissident. Enemies of Kagame – the despot so beloved by Western democratic leaders and charity dupes – seem to have a strange habit of dying in disturbing circumstances.
    Over the years a succession of prominent critics and campaigners, judges and journalists, have been killed. They have been beaten, beheaded, shot and stabbed, both at home in Rwanda and abroad in nervous exile. Some were good people, others far from saints – and their deaths came after crossing Kagame.
    “We don’t know the details of how and why Karegeya was murdered but there is a long established pattern of assassination and attempted assassination of Rwandan government critics,” said Carina Tertsakian, senior researcher on Rwanda at Human Rights Watch.

    Kagame’s strategy has been clear from the start of his rise to power; indeed, defectors and dissidents have explained in detail how he man gets rid of his rivals. “He believes that all opponents must die,” said Karegeya last year.

    Those who served as his aides, army officers and bodyguards have said that even in exile during the days of bush warfare, he eliminated those who threatened his authority. After taking power following the 1994 genocide, his repressive regime used murder, arbitrary arrest, jail and strict media controls to sustain its incredibly rigid rule.

    Former colleagues told me he never hid what would happen to enemies; even Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager who became a global hero amid the hell of genocide, had to go into hiding.

    All too typical was the story of Seth Sendashonga, the respected Minister of the Interior in the post-genocide government. After protesting human rights abuses in a series of memoranda sent to Kagame, he was dismissed and went into exile in Kenya, where he became increasingly vocal against the government.

    After surviving a first assassination ambush in February 1996, in which an arrested man with a firearm turned out to be an employee at the Rwandan embassy, he was shot dead in Nairobi two years later. The case bears similarities to the recent attacks in South Africa.

    This killing of critics has happened with relentless regularity. There was a particularly nasty spate before the 2010 election, when not only was Nyamwasa targeted but a newspaper editor murdered, a rival politician found near-beheaded and even a Tanzanian law professor involved in a genocide case shot dead.

    The following year Scotland Yard warned two exiles in Britain that a Rwandan hit squad had been sent to kill them, although they were not high-profile. Scandalously, even this did not stop the flow of British aid and adulation.

    One of the targets was Rene Mugenzi, a father of three and Liberal Democrat activist. He had to cut off contact with many fellow Rwandan exiles in Britain for fear they might be government agents and still lives under a high state of security alert.

    “This latest case is very troubling for me and my family,” he told me. “You just feel anything can happen, especially when nothing is done at the international level against Kagame. It is like he has a licence to kill.”

    And this is the key point. For despite the murders, the abuse of human rights, the locking up of political rivals, the ceaseless and now well-documented stoking of carnage and conflict in the Congo, Kagame remains a leader lionised in Washington and Westminster.

    The world’s foremost scholar on Rwanda has described him as “probably the worst war criminal in office today.” Another leading academic concluded he was running “a very well-managed ethnic, social and economic dictatorship”.

    But Bill Clinton calls him “one of the greatest leaders of our time” while Tony Blair, who works closely with him and has borrowed his plush private jet, hails him as “a visionary leader”. There is similar adoration on the right among many Tories and Republicans; Rwanda was even welcomed into the Commonwealth four years ago.

    This disgusting hypocrisy, fuelled by the desperate search for an aid success story, is underlined by Kagame’s intelligence chief meeting ministers in London despite being indicted by a Spanish judge, while Theogene Rudasingwa, a leading Kagame opponent based in the United States, is refused a visa.

    Rudasingwa, Kagame’s former chief of staff and one of his key opponents alongside Karegeya, is dismayed by Western reluctance to acknowledge Kagame’s criminality despite a welter of evidence.

    So was he scared following the latest apparent murder, I asked him on Friday? “No,” he replied. “This just makes me more determined. I know he is on a mission to kill all of us but we are going to fight him to the finishing line.”

    These are brave words, given what has happened to so many of those who challenged Kagame. Yet Britain, to our lasting shame, continues to back the monstrous killer in Kigali.

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    Jbl 9 months

    Of course those who committed crimes will be handed over.why worry when one is innocent.