SA based conman Bizwell takes his empty promises to PF

Bizwell Mutale, an international conman who ‘defected’ from UPND after failing to destabilise the opposition chapters in SA has pledged 4000 bags of relief mealie meal to the government.

Mutale is known for such empty promises which he never fulfills.

While posing as a UPND official and to attract attention, Mutale on various occasion and platforms pledged 200 vehicles, 200 Motor bikes, 3000 Bicycles, Regalia and a K10 million to enhance the mobilization of the UPND.

He did not buy even one ‘Eagle’ bicycle.

The Watchdog has publicly warned the UPND that this one is a just a conman. But the fact that he was able to feed some UPND senior party officials at Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria, using money from PF, they ignored us. But here we are. Proved correct as usual. In South Africa, Mutale was running parallel structures he referred to as ‘SA UPND 2021 Chapter’. There is and has always been a loyal UPND executive in South Africa which among other things regularly organises demonstrations at the embassy. Has anyone ever seen Mutale during those demonstrations?

Now Mutale has made a pledge of K600, 000 to the PF government.

One bag of mealie mill is K150 right now so 4000 bags equals K600, 000. Probably this time he will fulfil this promise as investment in PF it the PF will actually buy this food then say Mutale has bought them.

“We do not need Government to declare a national disaster in order for us to respond. We are standing with His Excellency the President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and say I am donating 4000 bags of mealie meal to DMMU to help with its critical role of providing relief food to the most needy areas,” Mutale told PF cadres

Mutale was speaking during a defection Luncheon in South Africa.

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