‘SA based pastor Enock Daka scammed us’

Good Day editor,

I need your help in exposing this so called man of God.

I just want to communicate my displeasure and dissapointment at one of the Zambian Pentecostal Pastors based in South Africa.

My wife and i had rounded up some monies and we thought of venturing in to a business that would give us profits and we could slowly grow in to serious entrepreneurs. We started by looking around for someone in SA who could help us procure a jumping Castle, Water slides and other accessories. We gave money to a Pastor ENOCK DAKA, born and bred in Zambia but now living in SA. this man promised to help us procure those items and send them by road to Zambia so that we could receive them from this end.

It has now been one year and some months since the monies were sent to him. These monies were borrowed and right now the owner of the money has engaged bailiffs to assist him recover his money by confiscating our personal belongings and sale them to recover what we had borrowed. In the quest to try and make contact with this so called “Man of God”, we have discovered that this man is nothing but a fraudster who is specialised in syphoning money from innocent Zambian and promising to deliver but he has never done so. Right now as i write to you editor, am informed that the man has amassed a lot of wealth through obtaining money by false pretences and he is using this money to develop his business and to support his music industry which is now very lucrative in Mozambique and SA.

This man of God is so crooked that he even has the audacity of mentioning that he is praying for me but at the same time preying on my money. I have made so many efforts of trying to track him down but all my efforts have proven futile. I have written this to warn fellow unsuspecting Zambians who may fall in to this trap by trusting this Pastor ENOCK DAKA thinking that since he is a man of God, you are assured that he will deliver. This man is nothing but a fraudster and a common criminal. He has swindled a lot of people in Zambia and continues to do so.

I will never give up because that money is a lot and he will payback one way or another.

 Biston Katongola

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