SA youth leader Malema continues pushing for nationalisation

SA youth leader Malema continues pushing for nationalisation

It is nationalisation that will reconcile and unite South Africans, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said on Thursday night.

“Everyone has the right to benefit from wealth in South Africa,” he told students at residences at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto campus.

“Since the debate on nationalisation, every rich family has spoken in defence of their property… all of them, they are in Stellenbosch, the Stellenbosch mafia.”

Malema believed they had spoken against nationalisation because they stood to lose.

He urged students not to believe economists, especially “the three white men” being televised on SABC, as they were “feeding people lies”.

He referred to the Commission of Employment Equity report released on Wednesday, which said that whites still occupied 73.1% of top management positions in the country.

“South Africa is divided as we speak, we got two economies in one country, two nations in one country, and it is nationalisation that will unite us.”

He said that ten percent of the South African population was made up of whites yet they controlled 90 percent of the wealth.

“We want to resolve this, every generation has a mission. From today, you are the generation of economic freedom fighters.”

Malema said nationalisation would lead to industrialisation and job creation.

The Kimberley community would no longer have to be hopeless, even though “the coloniser continues to exploit mineral resources, and failed to build even one university in Kimberley, yet they continue to benefit”.

Malema said the discovery of diamonds should have made Kimberley like Johannesburg. He said the mineral wealth must benefit these mining communities.

“In fact mines have brought nothing but pain and suffering and illnesses to those communities, and we sit back and allow that to continue.”

Malema said that the struggle was not over and that it was the league’s responsibility to campaign for economic freedom.

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