Saboi says she brought ‘shame’ to NDC over Chilanga

Saboi says she brought ‘shame’ to NDC over Chilanga


Saboi Imboela discusses the ‘shame’ she brought to NDC in the Chilanga by-election

Eish, I’m ashamed to talk becoz I’m the one that took his name to the party…. Pressure was growing in the party that I stand in Chilanga so I knew that if I didn’t find a candidate I wud be the candidate and I just wasn’t ready for that. So I went into Chilanga in search for a candidate. Someone recommended Webster Katongo and also gave him my number. He called me and we met at woodlands pick and pay.

That was about 3 months ago. Personally I was not so impressed with him and he will tell u that after our meeting I never got back to him. But I still submitted his name to the party and recommended that he be considered as one of the candidates.

As of last week almost all candidates we had said they didn’t have money and just like in the other elections it meant that spending everything on them from the nomination fee. Only Webster claimed to have money and ready to put in 4 vehicles and a bit of money to supplement what the party wud put in. So he bit the others based on that.

Contrary to the lies he said earlier that he had been NDC for 6 months, he was only NDC for one and a half days. He even talked of NDC ideologies which he has actually never seen becoz this is the time we shud have now sat with him to orient him on that. To cut the long story short he has never been a member of NDC and this was supposed to be the beginning but alas he was just our member for one and a half days before PF bought him. And I guess at a very cheap price becoz the threats of his illegal business they shared with us plus hunger must have made his value very very low…. No wonder his niece Charmaine beat him up lol….

ZWD comment: If this is how the NDC is going to handle important elections by sending one person to go and look for a candidate , then we think the NDC is not serious. We know Chishimba Kambwili is under siege by PF zombies and can’t operate freely and therefore effectively, but surely other people in NDC should have done a good job. The write up by Saboi shows an inherit weakness in the whole NDC. It seems uncoordinated and operating without guidelines. We are even shocked that Saboi can say this to the public.

We ask ourselves, is there even one honest politician in Zambia? If Webster Katongo had not pulled out, was Saboi going to tell us that he was only one day old in NDC? It’s a shame that even young politicians in Zambian have no manners or morals.

With the UPND failing to put up a credible candidate in Chilanga, NDC would have been a better choice.

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