SACCORD warns Sata, HH

The Southern African Center for Construction Resolution of Disputes SOCCORD says the ruling MMD will scoop the 2011 general elections if the PF/UPND pact does not resolve its internal conflicts that are emerging.
SACCORD Executive Director Lee Habasonda tells QFM in an interview that the PF/UPND pact risks losing the support of the people if there problems are not amicably resolved.

He says that it is an obvious case to all Zambians that if the two Parties contest the 2011 elections as individuals political parties they will lose the elections.

Mr Habasonda has also observed that the cracks that have emerged in the pact following the fielding of separate candidates in the Kaoma and Chidiza local government elections by the two parties have the potential to weaken the opposition alliance.

He says this will in turn weaken the opposition’s oversight role of providing checks and balances to the MMD government.

Mr Habasonda has since urged the PF/UPND pact to resolve their internal conflict if they are to emerge victorious in the 2011 elections.

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