There is deterioration in all sectors of country – SACCORD

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) says its concerned with the deteriorating situations across the various areas of the country and president Lungu’s lack of clear policy direction.

SACCORD director Boniface Cheembe says there is a clear stagnation and in most cases lost gains in various sectors as evidenced by a number of factors which are worrying not only to SACCORD but a number of citizens out there.

‘As an organisation we are concerned with a general lack of clear policy direction from President Lungu and his government on how he intends to reduce poverty, create jobs and initiate economic growth. We therefore would like to make an earnest appeal to the President and his team to share with the nation this clear policy direction which we believe would go a long way in helping inspire stakeholder confidence and ultimately stabilize the many issues happening in the country which is leading to speculation,’ Cheembe said.

He said the lack of policy direction can be witnessed in ‘many areas such as the loss of thousands of jobs in the construction sector, the instability in the mining sector, the negative performance of the Zambian economy leading to the swift decline in the value of the Zambian Kwacha, fuel shortages and lack of clear separation of power among the three arms of Government especially that related between the Executive and the Judiciary.’

He said ‘we have further seen chaotic management of the public service with a number of workers unions considering going on industrial strikes as a means of forcing the government to improve conditions. The country is also still heavily divided and this requires working towards national unity.’

Cheembe appealed to the government to quickly put in place a clear national development agenda. He said Government must with immediate effect stop the quick slide of the kwacha before local and international investors start failing to import goods as a result of the weak currency.

‘We further call on the government to ensure that fuel which is a major component in the economy is readily available so that companies do not lose production hours as a result of their failure to move goods or workers spending more time on queues to buy fuel. As SACCORD we believe genuine national unity should go beyond the current one which seeks to grow the PF at the expense of opposition political parties.’

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