SACCORD condemns Sondashi

The Southern African Centre for Constructive Resolutions on Disputes (SACCORD) has described the statement by Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDP) President, Ludwig Sondashi, that he wants to become President of Zambia so that he could go and enjoy with his family at State House as very unfortunate.

SACCORD Information Officer, Michelo Mwango, said the statement clearly shows that Dr Sondashi wants to become President for his own personal and family gain.

Ms Mwango told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the statement by Dr Sondashi was very unfortunate, especially from a politician of his caliber.

The SACCORD Information Officer said an individual aspiring to be the President of Zambia should put the interest of the Zambians first.

She said those aspiring to for Presidency but were not interested in developing the country should not be given a single chance to rule.

Ms Mwango said the people of Zambia do not want selfish leaders to rule them but leaders who would go to State House to serve them better and address real issues affecting the country.

She said Dr Sondashi has also shown that once he becomes head of state the country cannot develop in any way.

Ms Mwango said Zambians expected Dr Sondashi to talk about how he would consider developing Zambia.

She said it was unfortunate that Dr Sondashi told patriotic Zambians about how he would want to enjoy with his family if he became the head of state.

Recently, former Minister of Works and Supply Dr Ludwig Sondashi said when he officially launched his new political party FDP, that he wants to go to State House in order enjoy with his family because they have been suffering a lot after he resigned from the ruling Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD).

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