‘Sacked ZNF warrant officer to be appointed ambassador’

Kindly publish this article so that whoever can help stop President SATA’s madness can intercede.

A Warrant Officer sacked by Zambia National Service for falsifying personnel records, Wo Mwila, currently at State House as one of the many Bemba protocol officers, is being appointed OUR Ambassador to Ethiopia according to impeccable sources close to Wo Mwila and State House The warrant Officer’s job description in ZNS was just a keeper of Files, nothing more.

If the man was not fit for ZNS surely how can such a riff raff be our representative?

When he joined PF he cheated them that he was a Major and was nearly appointed PS Defence till the Commanders rejected him because he was a Sergeant major or Warrant officer. Ask Cabinet office why he was chased as Private Secretary to the Veep.

The worry is we are allowing the President to act as he pleases without Oversight Institutions playing their roles. Paradoxically there is already a General at that Mission who is SATA’s Son in law serving as Deputy Ambassador.

Is he telling us that his in law General is so unfit that he deserves to work under a Sergeant major? This type of action shows clearly that our national affairs are not scrupulously handled by State House. Civil society where are you?

CONCERNED CITIZEN. Kindly withhold my name.

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