Sacrificed taxi-driver had private parts, eyes plucked out

SHOCKING revelations on the grisly murder of taxi driver, Vincent Chandhla have surfaced indicating that his rib-cage was ripped open while vital organs including his private parts, eyes and tongue were removed.

The pattern is similar to past murders, where eyes, tongue, private parts and vital internal organs have been plucked by the assailants.

These ritualistic murderes have increased from the time PF formed government and most people believe they are Satanic rituals performed by PF leaders to maintain power and thanks giving to their god for making them win elections.

Widow, Yvonne Changwe and sister Maureen, who saw the body at the crime scene, narrated their shocking ordeal.

Vincent went missing on March 20, this year and his decomposed body was only discovered on Monday, this week.

“The one month period, was full of fear, panic, pain and desperation,” Yvonne said amid sobs.

She added: “He left home on March 20th, for work, his car was at the garage and he was using his friend’s car. That was the last time I saw him. Only to hear the shocking news that he was found beheaded in Kabangwe area.

His chest was cut open and parts are missing from his body. Who can do such a thing to another human being, please?” she said.

Yvonne was speaking at her sister’s home in Lusaka’s Garden Township where she is now staying with Vincent’s two children, a boy aged five and a girl aged two.

Before the discovery of Vincent’s decomposed body, Yvonne said she searched for her husband and contacted his friends but all efforts proved futile.

“I panicked and I had to contact the friend he borrowed the car from but he told me that if am looking for Vincent, I should not ask him but go look for him myself. I felt I was alone in this and I continued to look for him but during all that period, my efforts were yielding nothing positive and I feared for my husband’s life,” she added.

She said on April 13, this year, she was contacted by a named person, requesting her to meet with him at an unknown venue and that she should come with a photograph of her husband.

In desperation, Yvonne agreed to the proposal which was scheduled for 19:00 hours, but the caller did not contact her again. When she tried calling the number, it was out of reach.

She then decided to check at the Lusaka Central Police for her missing husband but he was not there.

After a few days, she was informed that the car her husband was driving had been found in Garden Township.

“The backseat had blood stains”, she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Police then took the car to Emmasdale Police station and informed her that she would be contacted in the course of investigations.

On Monday, the day her husband’s body was discovered, she rushed to the crime scene in the company of her sister, Maureen, where they saw the decomposed and beheaded body of Vincent who was murdered at the age of 34.

“I saw the body and I remember the state of my brother-in-law’s body, his chest was cut open to the neckline and his eyes, and tongue and private parts were not there,” Maureen said.

A week before Vincent’s murder, another 34-year old taxi driver, Pascal Maboshe, was murdered by three passengers who had hired him from Lusaka’s Mtendere Township to Ngwerere.

In December last year, Gift Tembo, 28, another taxi driver of Kabwe was murdered and his body dumped on the Kabwe-Lusaka highway.

Matthews Chipili, 20, another Lusaka taxi driver, was killed and found with his facial skin peeled off and his left eye plugged out while Joseph Simfukwe, 28, who was operating from Downtown Shopping Mall in Lusaka, was beheaded in January this year.

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