Sacrifices: Chopper carrying PF journalists in emergency landing

A chopper carrying journalists to cover  ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott has made an emergency landing in Kabwe.

The journalists were hired and being ferried to go and cover Guy Scott and PF campaigns in Mpongwe.

All on board are said to be safe.

The plane made an emergency landing at Kabwe’s Chililalila air strip after developed a technical faulty. As soon as the plane emergency landing news was heard in town, people rushed to the scene  to catch a glimpse of the aircraft.

Police and other security personnel quickly rushed to the scene and barred people and reporters from both state and private media houses from getting to the scene. The plane was said to have on board reporters from the Post, Zambia Daily mail, and Times of Zambia newspapers and some crew from ZNBC.
Another chopper was immediately dispatched from Lusaka to take the PF journalists to Mpongwe.
Source from the ministry of transport and communications  and the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) have also told the Zambian watchdog that the plane was not cleared to fly, and it was not certified air-fit but insistence from the government “almost led to an accident that could have claimed life and loss of property, we have decided that it gets back to Lusaka as we cannot put life of people at stake for political expedience.”

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