SADC leaders urged to intervene in Zimbabwe

SADC leaders urged to intervene in Zimbabwe

President Lungu petitioned over rights violations in Zimbabwe

Zambia Social Forum, a movement of civil society organisations, has petition President Edgar Lungu as Chair of the SADC organ on defence and security over the deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe following the disputed July 30th harmonised elections.
The civil society organisations are concerned with the deployment of the military in the towns such as Harare and Bulawayo.
See below a statement issued by the organisation national coordinator Geshom Kabaso.


For Immediate Release
8th August 2018

THE Zambia Social Forum, a social movement working with civil society organisations, community groupings and individuals, condemns in the strongest terms the reported human rights violations on our sisters and brothers in Zimbabwe in the aftermath of the July 30 harmonised elections.
As a movement we are deeply concerned with the use of brute force on unarmed citizens by the military which even lead to the death of some people in Harare. We would like to call upon the leadership in Zimbabwe to respect the citizen’s rights and de-militaries the major cities. The military should be confined to the Barracks so that citizens can freely enjoy their freedoms.
We call upon President Edgar Lungu as the incoming Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation to take a keen interest in the rights violation of citizens in Zimbabwe. We are equally concerned that the Government of President Emerson Mnangagwa is now targeting opposition figures.
The stability of Zimbabwe is not only important for the citizens of that country but for the region as a whole. It is in the best interest of Zambia to support peace initiatives in Zimbabwe as the socio-economic effects will also negatively impact all its neighbors.
As a social forum we will petition President Lungu and the other Heads of State in the SADC region to ensure that people’s rights are respected in Zimbabwe. Never again should SADC and indeed Africa tolerate any form of dictatorship that abuses citizen’s human rights.
for/Zambia Social Forum

Gershom Kabaso

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    BaLazo 1 week ago

    SADC Extradition Treaty which prohibits member states from extraditing individuals to countries where their lives may be in danger or may not get a fair trial.
    Zambia is obligated to help him seek asylum elsewhere.

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    Spineless indeed

  • comment-avatar
    abilima 1 week ago

    Wasn’t it Biti who not too long ago was busy shouting about the “deteriorating human rights in Zambia under President Lungu?” How does then choose a country with “poor human rights” for his asylum when things get hot in his country? When you live in a glass house – please avoid throwing stones – so they say.

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    Today leaders must be reminded what must be done. This is absurd.

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    The3y3 1 week ago

    It’s moments like these I miss Khama of Botswana, he’s the only one who would have made his disgust known of what’s happening to our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe, the others are all spineless wimps.