Sakeni accuses RB of sidelining Luapula

Former Luapula province minister under the Levy Mwanawasa regime Kennedy Sakeni has vowed to fight and kick president Rupiah Banda out of office because of what he called failure by Banda to listen to the people.

Sakeni, who is also Luapula MMD provincial chairperson, told a Lusaka based tabloid, the New Vision that he will not sleep until he sees the MMD out of office during the 2001 general elections.

According the New Vision, Sakeni said that the president Banda and the MMD have not treated the people of Luapula fairly. He said president Banda has not appointed any person from Luapula to his cabinet.

“I will not sleep until I see Rupiah Banda and the MMD out of office in 2011. Rupiah Banda does not want to listen to what people want. He has also not appointed anyone from Luapula province to a cabinet portfolio,’ Sakeni is quoted as having said.

Sakeni further accused president Banda of being malicious to the people of Luapula province in the way he has treated them.

He wondered whether there was a problem with the people from Luapula for the president to fail to appoint anyone of them to a full cabinet position.

Sakeni claimed that as a result of president Banda’ s negative attitude, people in Luapula province are very annoyed with him and want him out of office in the 2011 polls.

During the general elections, Sakeni stood on the MMD ticket for the Chifunabuli parliamentary constituency but was toppled by PF’ s Ernest Mwansa.

Sakeni was also a deputy minister of Home affairs under Mwanawasa

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