Sakeni brought back to UTH from India

Sakeni brought back to UTH  from India

Information minister Kennedy Sakeni has been sneaked back in the country and admitted at UTH from India where he went for treatment.

But the government spokesperson is in very critical condition, according to government sources.

According to highly placed sources, doctors in India where the Mansa MP went for specialist treatment advised that he should just be taken back home.

Sakeni was flown back into the country and direct to UTH some time last week but government is keeping this a top secret for reasons known to themselves.

On August 2, 2013, the Watchdog broke the news that Sakeni had been evacuated to India, again.

The government said nothing but three days later on August 5, 2013, acting government spokesperson Fackson Shamenda confirms that his colleague was in India for treatment.

But being a PF official, he could resists telling lies even on an issue involving a sick colleague. He chose to lie that Sakeni was on scheduled medical review.

“He is away in India and we are expecting him to return once that is completed. You know am just acting as Government Spokesman so I will return to my substantive position once Honourable Sakeni returns.

“He was supposed to have undergone this medical review a few months ago but he had to delay it because of work commitments.”

The Watchdog on August 2, 2013, reported that Sakeni had requested president Michael Sata to relieve him of his duties both as minister and MP to allow him take care of his health.

Sources within the PF told the Watchdog that Sakeni actually made the request to quit government early this year but president Sata has been refusing.

Sources said sometime in February this year, even Sakeni’s relatives went to Sata requesting that the man be spared of strenuous activities but Mr. Sata refused.


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