Sakeni defends Kabimba’s corrupt Trafigura deal

Information and Broadcasting Services minister Kennedy Sakeni says as far as government is concerned , the contract  to procure oil  for  the  country  was awarded correctly and transparently  to Trafigura,  contrary to reports in some sections of the media.

Mr. Sakeni has for this reason invited members of the general public with information to the contrary to freely approach relevant wings of the Government and put their case across.

ZANIS reports that the Information and Broadcasting minister said this in a statement , in Lusaka, today.

“ As a matter of fact, the public may wish to know that Trafigura is  the company that bought BP Oil company in Zambia,  now operating as Puma (Z) Limited, “ he said.

He explained that the company  is therefore highly reputable and credible in the oil industry worldwide.

Whatever is being insinuated around the company’s oil procurement deal with Zambia  are  mere assumptions with no aorta of truth in them.

He explained that the oil pricing structures in Zambia and its neighbouring countries may not be at par depending on distances from seaports. Others may be selling at higher or low prices.

“ Otherwise, I would not like  to say much on the issue to avoid giving credence to what are  clearly wild  allegations, “ he said.

He said government remains unflinchingly committed to transparent and accountable utilization of public resources for national benefit.

Government recently signed a one year US$500 million contract with Netherland’s multinational commodity trader, Trafigura, for the supply and delivery of finished petroleum products because Zambian investigative wings have cleared the company.

However ,the Netherlands based Oil firm was embroiled in an investigation into Justice minister Winter Kabimba who was accused of taking bribes over the contract.

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