Sakeni rants about online publications from Mansa

Government has warned online media against abusing the freedom of expression.

Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni said it was important that journalists exercise professionalism in their reporting.

Sakeni, a former shushushu  told journalists in Mansa this morning that they must check the facts before publishing their stories.

Sakeni said abusing the freedom of expression was not good journalism.

He regretted that some online publications have continued to report falsehood and insults about certain people.

Sakeni advised the online publications to exercise maximum restraint where they do not abuse other people’s rights in the name of freedom of expression.

He further called on the journalism fraternity to rise and condemn unprofessionalism in reporting.

Sakeni did not explain what unprofessionalism is, not because he did not have time, but because he has no education to do so.

Acording to public information on the parliament website, Sakeni’s level of education is, ‘Cambridge,GCE ‘A’ / Law, English Literature and History,Various Courses in Security Operations and Administration,Certificate in Administration’

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