Sakeni’s response to HH

24th August, 2012

MR. HAKAINDE Hichilema – the chief apostle of bitterness and tribalism- is quite a weird man, extremely weird that he does not mind to laugh at himself and his weaknesses even.

Of course, we are referring to his dwindling political fortunes, which he wants to blame on the PF administration by irresponsibly throwing around hollow claims of dictatorship, intolerance, intimidation, nepotism, corruption and other illogical accusations befitting an upstart politician of his kind.

These utterances from Mr. Hichilema are just an attempt to divert the citizens’ attention from the violence and other ills that his party is perpetrating through his special advisor Mr. William ‘Tekere’ Banda. Mr. Hichilema recruited Mr. Banda and other rogues knowing very well Mr. Banda’s track record and political terror.

Clearly, there are no other special skills Mr. Banda has which Mr. Hichilema could have been seeking in him except political violence, which will not take them far. Mr. Hichilema should apologise because he is responsible for Mr. Banda’s violence since he is the one who recruited him.

A responsible leader has a duty to scrutinise the credibility of people joining his ranks. Mr. Hichilema cannot be said to be responsible and an alternative because one only needs to look at the people that he is recruiting, who apart from William Banda includes convicts like Austin Liato and other political mercenaries like Mr. Edwin Lifwekelo and Mr. Edward Mumbi. Surely, with such recruitments does Mr. Hichilema have the moral right to discuss corruption?

Mr. Hichilema cannot stand on moral high ground on the issue of tribalism because one only has to look at the composition of his National Management Committee, business associates, legal team [just check the team of lawyers that accompanied him to Woodlands police station] and other political associates. This cannot be compared to the PF leadership and President Sata’s approach to national matters. Mr. Hichilema lacks a national character and appeal because of his tribalism and hatred.

No wonder even many of his Members of Parliament and other party officials are fed up of his pride, mischief and egocentricity and are very willing to work with the PF government. It’s not a secret that many of his more progressive parliamentarians detest his hegemonicleadership style and are looking for an alternative with a national character and appeal.

A number of UPND MPs are privately courting this Government with a view to working together with us to develop the country. It’s just a matter of time before Mr. Hichilema remains alone because even his mentor [Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda] once he realises that he is alone, will abandon him.

It’s very clear to every Zambian that Mr. Hichilema’s right to happiness was squandered the day His Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata took the oath of office. This is the same day which birthed and instantaneously magnified his bitterness, extreme dislike as well as his trademark – tribalism. We sincerely feel sorry for our brother because we can see him getting shredded into pieces by tribalism and hatred.

Before, he projects himself as a voice for the poor Mr. Hichilema must sanitise himself of tribalism and hatred, and not launching fake campaigns and imaginary revolutions. The PF Government wishes to assure all Zambians that it will deliver on its promises to an extent that all our arm-chair critics will be left with no ammunition with which to unduly attack us as they have done.

I urge all Zambians to remain resolute and continue believing in this Government so that we can, together develop this country. Always remember that this is your Government which you helped form when you cast that vote on September 20, 2011.

Issued by:
Hon. Kennedy Sakeni – Chief Government Spokesperson and Minister of Information and Broadcasting

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