Saki: no tribe is more important than others

United Liberal Party (ULP) Leader, Sakwiba Sikota has charged that those making tribal remarks are from the Stone Age because tribalism is retrogressive to Zambia’s development.

Mr Sikota says it is not right for one to think that any one tribe in Zambia is more important than the other tribes in the country.

He says Zambia is not made up of one tribe and that leaders especially on the political front should begin to avoid making tribal statements that might lead to anarchy in the country.

Mr Sikota who is also Livingstone Member of Parliament has advised leaders to refrain from inciting people to rise against each other on the basis of tribe through unwarranted statements.

The ULP leader says national leaders should instead speak on behalf of all Zambians regardless of which tribe they represent.
Recently Science, Technology and Vocational Training minister Gabriel Namulambe has come under fire for his perceived tribal remarks.

Mr Namulambe was quoted in one of the daily tabloids as saying that the Lamba-speaking people are hurt by attacks on the Legacy of late president Levy Mwanawasa.


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