Sakwiba asks MPs to unite and deliver pro-poor budget

The United Liberal Party (ULP) is calling on government to ensure that the National Budget that will be presented to Parliament is pro-poor and focused on two policy objectives of attaining price stability and creating full employment among the vulnerable in society.

ULP president Sakwiba Sikota says the first step in ensuring job creation and stabilized prices for essential commodities is for law makers from both the government and the opposition to look at the national budget not as a partisan document but as an instrument that will help to reduce abject poverty among the people.

H e said the extent to which vulnerable citizens, women, men and children will benefit from the national budget depend largely on policies that protect and promote their welfare.
“The ultimate goal of this budget should be to develop capacity among the poor and rectify what ever is ailing in our economy especially price instability and high unemployment among the poor’, he said.

The United Liberal Party (ULP) believes that creating jobs and stabilizing prices of essential commodities should start with the national budget.
“The government should focus on local investment for sustainable job creation that will benefit the poor in our society.
“We should as a country strive not to entirely depend on foreign investment to create jobs”, said Sikota in a e-statement.

The United Liberal Party (ULP) is also calling on law makers to unite above partisan considerations and deliver budgetary allocations that are primarily targeted at improving the livelihoods of the poor among our people.

“Unless we unite as law makers to ensure that we deliver for the people of Zambia a budget that will create employment among the poor and stabilize prices of essential commodities, reducing adject poverty will remain a pipe dream,” he said.

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