Sakwiba congratulates Sata, urges him to unite Zambia

Sakwiba congratulates Sata, urges him to unite Zambia

I and the United Liberal Party would like to congratulate the leaders and members of the Patriotic Front on their successful campaign for the election of Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata to the position of Zambian Republican President.

We congratulate the President Elect Mr. Sata in having been a part of the re-affirmation of Zambia’s democratic credentials. Mr. Sata should also be commended for having personally exercised patience whilst the tallying of results was being done. There is no doubt that Mr. Sata has managed to capture the imagination of the Zambian people.

The outgoing President Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda also deserves praise for the state manly manner in which he handled the period between the election and declaration of election results. Credit must also be given to President Banda in the manner in which he graciously conceded defeat and handed over power to the President Elect Mr. Sata.

The role of Justice Mambilima and her staff at the Electoral Commission of Zambia under very difficult and trying circumstances has also shown the whole world that Zambia can now repeatedly hold credible elections. We have no doubt that in future there will be no unnecessary suspicions against the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

We in the ULP pray that the incoming President and his government will start its mandate with a view of uniting all Zambians and creating an environment of development and reconciliation. The results of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections require the incoming President to steer the ship of Zambia in a manner which will keep it away from choppy and stormy waters.

We wish to congratulate the Zambian people and join in their celebration of what makes us a great people- the capacity to differ in our choices but at the end of the day recognize that the person in a different party from yours is your brother, sister, mother or father.

The ULP applauds the Zambian people in having participated in large numbers in these elections and we respect the expression of their will. We wish the people of Zambia celebration in joy and that no Zambian should be bitter or harbor ill will against another.

Lastly we wish the President Elect Mr. Sata all the best and success in his new role as the steward of our great nation.

May God Bless the Great People and President of Zambia.




September 23, 2011

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