Sakwiba tells CSOs to explain Red Card Campaign

UNITED Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota has challenged civil society organisations (CSO) championing the Red Card Campaign to clearly explain what they are advocating for.

Mr Sikota said yesterday in an interview that his party could not be part of the Red Card Campaign because it had not been approached and did not understand the cause behind the campaign.

“No one has ever approached us to explain what CSOs are advocating for through the Red Card Campaign,” he said.

He said the onus was on the people advocating for the campaign to explain exactly what the Red Card Campaign was all about.

He said that if the campaign was meant to fight bad governance, then there should be an explanation as to which institutions were being targeted because bad governance existed at various levels.

Proponents of the Red Card Campaign should state whether they were fighting bad governance in political parties, CSOs, the Church or the central Government.

The fact that those championing the Red Card Campaign were changing positions on what was being targeted in the campaign was cause for worry.

Mr Sikota said if propagators of the campaign could struggle to explain the motive behind their move then it would be worse for those who were not part of it to understand the motive.

He said there was need for an explanation because even the initiator of the Red Card Campaign, Roman Catholic priest Frank Bwalya had even condemned President Banda for attending mass at St Ignatius Parish in Lusaka.

Recently, a consortium of CSOs have been agitating for a Red Card Campaign targeted at removing the serving Government on the pretext that it was not working to people’s expectations.

At the same time, the CSOs have u-turned, saying the idea behind the campaign was being misunderstood as it was not meant to remove the Government but to fight bad governance and other vices.
Times of Zambia

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