Sakwiba Sikota’s latest lies on Credit Susisse dismissed as utter rubbish

The latest article published on the Ventrliglias ’ (Italian Mafia) funded ‘Zambia Reports’ (written by Sakwiba Sikota using fake name) on Credit Susisse has been dismissed as utter rubbish aimed at falsely alarming the public.

Sakwiba Sikota masterminded the ‘plot’ on the so called report and the Ventriglias paid for the purported report.

Subsequently, all allegations were proven false by due process. The Bank of Zambia has confirmed that there are no irregularities in the manner Finance Bank Zambia PLC (FBZ) is operating or indeed its shareholding structure. (See Government Gazette of 28th February 2014, attached below).

The Honourable Minister of Finance and National Planning confirmed Government’s position.

On 14th November 2014 the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the registration of the entire issued capital of FBZ and consequently the capital is quoted on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. See attached document.

The listing process is almost complete and such irresponsible reporting by Sakwiba Sikota on  Zambia Reports will not in any way derail or deter the public listing as it is closely monitored by the regulators.

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