Salaries for medical personnel reflects 1% not 15% pay rise awarded

Salaries for medical personnel reflects 1% not 15% pay rise awarded

Dear editor,

I would like to express my deep displeasure and frustration in the manner in which salaries   for medical salary scale 04 (MS04)
where reversed in the just ended negotiations for government servants.

I write this article in connetion with my payslip that I have attached to this email. I have circled the basic salary for pay month of 31.03.2912 (K5 602 224) and pay month of 31.08.2012(5 662 034) i.e after the payrise.

I write to inform the  Zambian people and my landlord that the 15 % payrise  is not a reality for some of us as civil servants as announced by labour minister and union leaders. Look at this, the previous annual
salary MS04 was K67,226,688 and the revised and current annual salary MS04 that was  effective on 1st April 2012 is K67,944,408 . It is frastrating as the annual increment is 1% (K717,720)  and monthly payrise is K59,810.

The correct figures should have be,  K77,310,691.2 ( 15%) with annual increment of K10,491,066 and monthly payrise
of K874,255.5.

I would be grateful should these details be availed to the Zambian people  and my landlord who I know would read this as our efforts to correct this abdnormality did not yield fruit as the union and relevant government officials kept promising to award us the 15% as announced and later changed their stance that the government allocated little money that was why they gave us 1% . This is now October ,2012, we the affected civil servants saw how  down the line constitutional office bearers increased their salaries by 100% ,surely and honestly we were given 1%. Where did they get the money?

I have hidden parts of my payslip for they contain my names,NRC,Workstation,print number,account number which can be used to track and fire me with immediate effect.

I write this not because I hate my government and my President Mr. Sata. I voted him into power and I am sure He is not aware of this abdnomality that some of His civil servants  were given 1 %. These pronouncements of 15% payrise has costed  us that did not get the 15% ,my landlord increased the retals because he heard how the minister of labour boss of putting more money in civll servants pockets.

Yours sincerely,
Concern civil servant



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