Salasini and other ZNBC directors fired

The contract of ZNBC Director General JOSEPH SALASINI has been terminated.

According to ZNBC Friday 19 hours news, SALASINI’s contract has been revocked along with three other ZNBC directors.

ZNBC Board Chairperson AUGUSTINE SEYUBA announced the termination of the contracts today stated that the changes are part of the re-organisation of management announced by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting last week.

Mr SEYUBA said Director of Programmes, MAXWEL NGANDU, Director of Finance MILLEN SIYAMIYOBA and his Marketing counterpart ANTHONY MLANGA have had their contracts terminated.

He also announced that the ZNBC board will not renew the contract for Director of Human Resources, SEPISO KWALEYELA which expires next month.

Mr SEYUBA said it has become clear that the industrial environment at the corporation had significantly deteriorated over the past few months and was no longer conduicive for the advancement of the objectives of the national broadcaster.

He said the board has taken the decisions to serve the best interests of ZNBC and to save the situation from degenerating.

Mr SEYUBA said other measures to be instituted as part of the re-organisation will include the immediate adddressing of operational weaknesses pointed out in an audit conducted by the office of the Auditor General.

He said the board is determined to ensure that the financial status of ZNBC is strengthened while improving its programming.

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