Sale of Mopani will only benefit usual thieves

Sale of Mopani will only benefit usual thieves


George Sichula
NDC Copperbelt Province Chairman

Every right thinking Zambian is aware that ZCCM IH is broke and cannot sustain the operations of Mopani. We all know that it requires enough capital injection to run the mines. Now imagine! If the PF Government has been failing to finance councils how can they run the mines? What a joke! This Mopani move is purely a political gimmick, though a smart one by the PF. The PF Government feels unsafe to get into August elections with a burden of unemployment among the youths. They want to create quick jobs at Mopani to temporarily employ the youths for the purposes of winning August elections. But be assured that every one who will be employed at Mopani between next month and September will be fired in December this same year because Government has no money. Already this Government is failing to pay foreign and local debts.

The people of Copperbelt must learn from Kabwe residents who have a similar experience where Mulungushi Textiles only opens in election years and closes immediately after voting. These are some of the tools the PF uses to entice weak voters. But not this time. And if I may ask, What has changed? We have an history by Government failing to run the mines. Alot of companies have died in the hands of Government? I hope you will not give it to your cadres to mismanage it like you have done to KCM. Give it to the Zambian experts to run, who knows, may be they can manage.u

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    Tell the Zambians 3 weeks ago

    we have the capacity to run any mine in our country but not yet mature when it comes to protect the national asserts.Zambia is being destroyed by criminals in the name of cadres whom we are failing to control.Zesco ltd is full of cadres as employees, KCM employ cadres recently and Mopani will too. We are good to steal. Zesco is not making profit ever since I was 12 and am 40.Tell me which parastatal companies under IDC making more profit than ever.

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    Tu NDC you are useless with your leader Kambwili. Where do you think kabolala HH will sale Mopani to if ever given power?

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    We shall see the out come of the 14th Feb 2021 convention for UPND.I hope some one will be chairman for mines and journalist should dig much more on the UPND policy direction on this matter. I agree with Miti that UPND is a one mans show even simple things of security nature like Gulf stream g650 plane, the mighty leader of North Korea wants to behave as though he has gone through OSB. That’s why an English teacher, Mr Brown from Mazabuka, st Edmonds secondary school in an episode “mind your language”, Garry Nkombo can talk about Rwanda carelessly, ati baliba brave. GIVE us hope and clear policy directions and don’t drive us in your personal deals with foreigners which we know, has Anglo-American connections. Removing a cockroach and replacing it with a rat that will bring us a plague. CAN’T NEVER!!

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    Which was going to be a better devil either Glenclore to close the mines and send 15,000 jobless or the Government to take over and keeping the mine running plus sustaining the 15,000 workers and Contractors?

    Ba Author you are such a blind and disgruntled citizen. The Government has made a wise decision and you are here just politicking without sense. Shame on such little minds.

    Zambia needs to be developed by Zambians and you are here selling rubbish. What did you want to be done you people that are armchair critics and visionless privatisers of everything?

    Why shouldn’t the mines be run by Zambians? Who are working in the mines apart from Zambians? What benefit has Zambia gotten from the privatised companies and mines if not lies by these internationals? Who the hell to you want to come and sweep your house when you are a lazy loud-mouthed citizen?

    Instead of you talking positives you are busy criticising even the finger that feeds you. Shame. Grow up people and come out of your cocoons. Is it wise to criticise everything whether positive or negative? Is that what it is supposed to be when in opposition that you criticise everything?

    HH was lambasted on Twitter and Facebook for criticism of the obvious things over Mopani take over. He thought people would follow his cheap politicking but he was shocked to find that people were ahead of him and could not see eye to eye with him on Glenclore decision.

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    Nyambe the Hero 3 weeks ago

    In addition there is bound to be lots of asset stripping by cadres.
    The bible in Ecclesiastes 1v9 says ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun’.

    This is exactly how Joseph Mobutu destroyed Zaire now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He spent most of time in office trying to stay in power and plundering natural resources with his cronies instead of lifting people out of poverty.

    The longer Lungu is allowed to remain in power the more damage he will inflict. 

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    Disgusted 3 weeks ago

    Yep. Money from road construction, Chinese loans and other deals are running thin. Now PF is going for anything Covid funds, AIDS Funds (faulty condoms) and now the golden goose. They know they’re losing power. They will now try to steal everywhere and from anything. Keep an eye on ZESCO snd KCM liquidation too. These are cold hearted, greedy men and women who despise the citizens of Zambia so much that they’ll not hesitate to steal from them while they wallow in poverty and hunger. May they rot in hell 10X over and their descendants live with holes in their pockets,  ever to prosper from this ill-gotten wealth.