Samfya chief heartbroken by PF failure to pay farmers

Chief Musunga of the Ushi in Samfya District says the failure by the PF regime through its agency the Food Reserve Agency to pay farmers completely or on time is heartbreaking.

Chief Musunga says the next government should not be surprised when farmers opt to sale their maize to private buyers in the next season.
He says farmers have been left disappointed especially that they were promised that they will be paid on time.
The traditional leader noted that the people of Zambia will continue to live in poverty if government does not take full responsibility of ensuring that the farmers are paid on time and the farming inputs are delivered on time.
He added that the campaign promises the presidential candidates are making should be backed by action when they ascend to the presidency and not forget about them once in office.
Chief Musunga states that the people of Zambia are tired of fake promises.
Chief Musanga said that if presidential hopefuls are not sure of fulfilling the promise they are making of ensuring farmers are paid on time and inputs delivered on time, they are better off not making the promise.

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