Sampa launches the Democratic Front (DF) in Kitwe

Sampa launches the Democratic Front (DF) in Kitwe


Matero PF MP Miles Sampa has launched finally his Democratic Front after initially being blocked by PF thugs.

Sources close to the party have said that the launch which was held at a private place was also attended by some senior PF officials, some security personnel including some serving ministers and deputy ministers.

Even after naming some prominent names that attended, the source pleaded with the Zambian watchdog not to mention them for their own security and part of the DF’s strategy which he said will hit President Edgar Lungu and PF like a Tsunami.

The source further disclosed that some more senior PF officials and others from grassroots who were mostly loyal to late President Michael Sata but have been neglected by Lungu will be coming to join the DF.

“Please keep those names I have given to yourself dont disclose them because they may be harmed. Like what Mr. Sampa said this is donchi kubeba part 2. Some more people will be coming as you may know most of those who were close to the founding PF leader have been thrown out of the boat,” she pleaded.

Meanwhile, in an act aimed at provoking and fooling people, PF national youth chairman Stephen Kampyongo also known as commander and one man commando by Pf thugs has said that the thugs that blocked Sampa at the Ndola airport are not PF.

Kampyongo is the same PF leader who organised a similar raid in Shiwangandu when a helicopter carrying former first lady and UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango among others was stoned when the team went to campaign during the January 2015 Presidential election.

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