Sampa, Nkamba, and Hamiyanze behind PF attacks at BIGOCA in Matero

Sampa, Nkamba, and Hamiyanze behind PF attacks at BIGOCA in Matero

Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa and Lusaka Province PF Youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba were behind the attack on the BIGOCA Church in Lusaka Matero Township Police sources have disclosed.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the Police indicate that Sampa gave Kamba KR3000 for the operation to hire PF thugs to attack people who had gone pray for peace and advocate for the reversal of subsidy removal.

Kennedy Kamba later gave the money to Oppah Hamiyanze who hired the thugs from Buseko Market.

The sources say Sampa dropped some of the thugs at the Car Wash a PF Constituency office.

For the police to know it is because cadres accused  Hamiyanze together with a person called Hector of Vichitika Timber supplies who provided the Canter vehicle of cheating them on the sharing of the money.

But today, Sampa attended a Sunday Church Service at the Bible Gospel Outreach Church in Africa (BIGOCA) in Matero which was the scene of violent attacks during Black Friday prayers where he apologised to BIGOCA Bishop Peter Ndhlovu for the Friday chaos.

“I came here to say am sorry for the fracas on Friday. I could have prevented it if I had prior information but I was totally unaware,” Mr. Sampa said.

He told congregants that the unruly youths had no blessings from the party leadership.

“I wish to distance our party from the violence that happened in this place on Friday. We respect people’s rights to assemble and no one should be allowed to take away that right from anyone.”

Mr. Sampa has also donated twenty Million Kwacha to the elderly people of the BIGOCCA as a sign of showing remorse and love and respect for the affected people that got caught up in the attack.

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