Sampa says half PF cabinet loyal to him


Former Commerce Deputy Minister and Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa, has told scores of his supporters who gathered at his Farmers House office this morning that Lungu should not dare him because 50% of his Ministers are loyal to him and he had the ability to send PF into oblivion in less than 7 months.

Sampa was speaking when he addressed his supporters outside his office at Central Park this afternoon.

Sampa, also took a swipe at PF’s provincial vice-Chairman, Daniel Kalembe who led a team of youths to lock his office on Tuesday, and described him as a ‘tick’ clinging on to a dead animal.

“I don’t blame the miserable youths who were used yesterday because of njala (hunger), I know the person behind all this, now go & tell him that 50% of his top officials are loyal to me & they are just waiting for their gratuities… tell him not to force me to do what I don’t want because in less that 7 months I can send all of them into oblivion.” He said, amidst cheers from his supporters.

“Today I’m being accused of not being loyal to the party I was an active agent in its formation…listen, the fact is not that I have gone astray, my party is the one that has gone astray, I’m still me & I haven’t changed. We have shifted from the original ideologies of PF & have failed our people! People have been reduced to beggars in their own country and there’s no money in people’s pockets! How do I become loyal when we ourselves are not loyal to the people that elected us?” He wondered.

“Elo futi uyu Daniel (Kalembe), should be careful with the people using him, many youths have cried after being used to create enemies like that over a K1,000 he was given. Go & tell him that the animal he’s clinging on to is a dead one..”

. Sampa thanked his supporters for daring the odds by going to his office to show him solidarity and advised them to remain calm and not run amok in retaliation over the persecution he was subjected to. He told his supporters that he would not resign from his parliamentary seat until parliament dissolves but dared them to expel him from PF.

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