Sampa says he has been awarded $50k against Kachepa360

Sampa says he has been awarded $50k against Kachepa360

sampaMatero MP Miles Sampa claims that that he has been awarded damages amounting to USD $50,000 against Chisala Mulenga, the owner and promoter of Kachepa360, a social news website.

Kachepa, which exposed Sampa’ sexual exploits around town   was closed some months back after people like Sampa started threatening Chisala Mulenga’s mother.

On his Facebook page, Sampa who is also Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister also claimed will donate funds received from the judgement to charity NGOs both in Matero and other parts of Zambia.

“In order to vindicate my name from perennial slanderous and unsubstantiated allegations directed at me by the online publication Kachepa360, I took up the matter in the USA courts of law where the defendant is domiciled,” he wrote.

He added, “After months of deliberations, the case was awarded in my favour against the promoter of the Publication Kachepa360, Ms Chisala Mulenga, and I have been awarded damages amounting to USD $50,000 at 12 % interest from November 2012.”

Mr Sampa said although he welcomes criticism, he also believes that the journalism profession should be unbiased, factual and professional regardless of the location of their residence or the medium used to disseminate their information.

“I decided on pursuing this matter in the relevant courts abroad to demonstrate that accountability is a standard for all, even for online publications which may feel that they are beyond the reach of the Law,” he said.

According to Sampa, the case was heard and judgment delivered by Hon. Judge Patrick J. Brady in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.sampa

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