Sampa under pressure to withdraw case against Lungu


Information from very reliable sources suggests that the Supreme Court in the case in which Miles Sampa is challenging Judge Mungeni’s consent judgement that erroneously declared Edgar Lungu as Patriotic Front’s Presidential candidate for the January 2015 presidential elections may rule in favour of Miles Sampa.
However, the Chief justice is coming under increasing scrutiny as there are allegations that she is under undue pressure especially from her relative Professor Nkandu Luo to either overturn the ruling or convince Miles Sampa to withdraw the case. Professor Nkandu Luo and Inonge Wina have both been promised the position of vice president by Edgar Lungu. The Edgar Lungu camp has over the past few days vehemently sent envoys asking Miles Sampa to withdrew the case with promises of being given a high portfolio job in government should Edgar Lungu win the presidential election. Miles Sampa has however stuck to his principles and refused to court any of the Edgar Lungu envoys. Sampa has opted to move to an undisclosed location for his own safety and to avoid any distractors from his quest for justice.
When the Supreme Court decided to move the final ruling from last Friday to this Monday, there were fears that the Edgar Lungu and his lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF Associates) would attempt to fool the Supreme Court judges like they did Judge Mungeni, especially two named Supreme Court judges. Edgar Lungu’s lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube is well known for corrupting judges and is at the moment on suspension passed on him by the Law Association of Zambia.
In the midst of her desperation, chief justice Chibesakaunda has summoned all 6 judges for a meeting at 3pm today (happening now) to try and persuade them to change their stance. They are likely not to compromise their ethics and stick to the law.
In recent weeks, the judiciary has come under lots of criticism from the general public for allowing corrupt practices.

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