Sampa urges fellow PF thugs never to disturb UPND rally, says he will never protect them

Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa has urged his fellow PF thugs to stay away from the UPND rally in Mandevu.

Writing on his facebook page, Sampa, whose is also Matero PF Member of Parliament says he will never protect any of his thugs that will be caught up in the confusion at the UPND rally.

The following is the message sent by Miles Sampa.

Dear Matero Residents: Got a call early Sunday (9hrs) from Hon.Garry Nkombo of UPND alleging that youths in Matero were gathering to disturb their rally in Mandevu later in the day. My investigations into the Constituency shows no such activities then or now but if at all anyone in Matero is engaged in that, please desist. UPND have the Right and Freedom to Assemble and no one should interfere with their rally. If any youth from Matero gets in trouble related to above, I will not be available to them for any sort of assistance. Please be guided accordingly. Happy Sunday and God bless you all. Miles Sampa,MP

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