Sampa’s case against Lungu adjourned to Monday

Lusaka High Court judge Mungeni Mulenga has adjourned the case in which Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa is challenging Edgar Lungu’s PF presidency to next Monday.

The PF candidate is scheduled to file in presidential nominations on Saturday.
Judge Mungeni Mulenga said she can’t hear the matter tomorrow because she will have other matters to attend to.

This means that Lungu will file in his nominations but the in-fighting in  PF will continue as the matter has not been resolved.

Judge Mulenga has denied Sampa’s team an opportunity to be heard before the most important event of filing in nominations. In fact if she was wise, she could have made even a bad ruling in favour of Lungu to finalise the matter, because even a bad judgement is still binding and it would have given Lungu’s team some legitimacy.

But for now, the PF presidency remains a contested matter and the PF will go into the election a divided house.

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