Sampa’s mayor chased from office

State House has instructed that Miles Sampa’ s Mayoral office be locked until he returns from the U.S and further ordered that Deputy Mayor Chilando Chitangala acts in his place as provided for by law.

Sampa had wriiten a letter of appointment to his best friend Councillor Adrian Banda to act in his place which is against the Local Government Act.

A visit to the Mayor’s office today around 11:00 hrs found it shut.

When Councillor Banda reported for work as Sampa’s ‘Acting Mayor’, two officers from OP found him taking photos of himself in Mayor’s office and was told finalise doing whatever he was doing and go back home and continue selling fritters as they had instructions from the top to order him to vacate the office.
The source said President Edgar Lungu is fatigued with blunders being committed by Sampa almost every week.

Deputy Mayor Chitangala is currently Acting as Mayor.

Council workers were taken aback when they saw Sampa’s ‘Acting Mayor’ taking pictures inside and outside the frontage of the Mayor’s Parlour until he was asked to go home as he was in a wrong office.

Council sources spoken to said Sampa appears to have a dislike for his Deputy because she on on several occasions turned down his sexual advances dating back to the time he was Finance Deputy Minister.

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