Sampa’s supporters beaten in Kabwe, Central delegates list doctored in favour of Lungu

Sampa’s supporters beaten in Kabwe, Central delegates list doctored in favour of Lungu

IMG_1162[1]Several supporters of PF presidential aspirant Miles Sampa were yesterday battered by police when they tried to complain about the ongoing delegates’ registration which has been manipulated and filled with Edgar Lungu’s supporters.

And some thugs have been hired from Lusaka to go register as central province delegates under Edgar Lungu’s camp, a move that angered the genuine central province delegates who were left out.

The sidelined delegates complained and were joined by their Lusaka counterparts who tried to help fish out the central province ghost delegates but were met with resistance from their opponents who were also joined by policemen in executing the beatings.

One youth was beaten and when he collapsed, he was run over by a car but police continued to beat him as they pursued others. Several others were locked up in police cells and will not be allowed to vote at the conference since they are still detained.

Kabwe is today heavily sealed by heavily armed policemen as ZAF helicopters are seen flying in the sky. It is not established how many of Sampa’s opponents were detained in different police stations but sources say the number is over 200. The helicopters were also used in ferrying delegates from far flung districts.

Results of today’s choice of the PF candidate for the 20th January Presidential by election is likely to be disputed as because in as much as Edgar Lungu seems to have support along the line of rail, the cartel has ferried delegates from provinces such as Western, Southern, Eastern and North Western provinces using government resources.

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