Samsung also brings foreign plumber as sales manager for Zambia


Samsung Electronics Zambia has engaged a foreigner, an Indian national by the name of Mr. Sebastian Puthukulanagara Chacko as Sales Manager and his attempts to obtain a work permit was blocked by Zambia Immigration officials who wondered why a person with profession as a plumbing craftsman can qualify as Sales Manger when Zambia has hundreds of experienced and qualified people to take up the post.

Samsung Zambia only employs less than 10 employees countrywide and they recently appointed Mr. James Chona, the son to the late Politician, Maiza Chona as Country Manager for Zambia.

Last year Samsung Zambia pledged to increase the workforce and employ many Zambians and President Micheal Sata implored Samsung to set up a manufacturing base in Zambia and employ more Zambians. At the time, Samsung employed only 6 people country wide.

However, to the dismay of most Samsun employees, Samsung engaged an Indian National who came in the country on the pretext of doing plumbing works for the Shoprite mall along airport road which has failed to take off due to land disputes with Willie Nsanda and the developers. Mr. Chacko was then given a job out of pity by Hazida Electronics in order to continue keeping Mr. Chacko in the country.

Hazida Electronics which runs E-zone Electronic retail shops around the country, is one of the leading distributers of Samsung products in Zambia. After they got tired of Mr. Chacko due to him being unqualified for the role he was given, they decided to dump him at Samsung Electronics Zambia after doctoring his CV and influenced the decision to be appointed Sales Manager for Samsung Zambia.

Mr. Chacko has no sales or marketing experience later on the skills and qualifications to warrant him first choice contender for the position at the expense of qualified Zambians who are roaming the streets without jobs.

The alert immigration officials pounced on Mr. Chacko’s application for the work permit and questioned how he has been working in Zambia without the necessary immigration papers. The alert officers also wondered what the Zambia institute of Marketing (ZIM) was doing allowing such a person to hold a senior position without affiliation to the institution.

And Samsung employees spoken to by immigration officers refused to comment or give further details for fear of victimisation.

Samsung Electronics is the world’s leading mobile phone company in the world in terms of global sales.


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