Sangomas to be brought into State house, as Lungu operates from Kitwe

Sangomas to be brought into State house, as Lungu operates from Kitwe

President Edgar Lungu’s decision to operate from Kitwe from 29th October to 2nd November is to facilitate for some Sangomas to perform some rituals aimed at  boosting his chance of retaining power in next year’s presidential elections.

Next year’s Presidential election is expected to be hotly contested between UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema and Lungu hence Lungu’s decision to seek intervention of traditional intercessors. State house political advisor Kaizer Zulu is one of the few people who will be closely attending to the sangomas for their needs, and this explains why he could not be fired after the Kavindele shooting incident because by then the arrangement had already been made.

 According to a Watchdog source at State house, the rituals are to be performed continuously without interference for three days and will commence on 31st October and end on 2nd November. As part of the preparations for the rituals the President was advised not to sleep with any woman for sixty days hence his wife Esther Lungu’s recent gallivanting.

Lungu's wife with some dudes in Saudi Arabia

Lungu’s wife with some dudes in Saudi Arabia

Before she went to Saudi Arabia to mobilise funds for next year’s campaigns for her husband, Esther was all over Zambia, having aimlessly gone to Western province and Central province under the disguise of visiting the less privileged.

“The sangomas are coming from some country within Africa, I cannot tell you the name for now but a small plane has been chartered for them, they will be in by 28th or there about and as preparatory arrangements the President was instructed not to sleep with his wife till they are done hence her movements,” said the source.

According to State House spokesperson Amos Chanda, State House will move to Kitwe from October 29 to November 2, 2015 .

If there are urgent problems to be resolved in Kitwe, why wait until November?

The Watchdog has been informed that initially Lungu had planned to go outside the country during this period but after been roundly condemned for numerously, unnecessary but expensive trips outside the country, he decided to stay within the country.

The idea of going for a holiday in Mfuwe again was rejected as that will show him as the president who goes on holiday when the country is going through the most difficult times in history.

So the only solution was to pretend to be working from Kitwe, and working from Kitwe actually means moving all workers from State House for a week.

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