Sangwa explains supremacy of constitution to Matibini

Sangwa explains supremacy of constitution to Matibini

Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa says the constitution of Zambia is superior to both the speaker of the National Assembly and the National Assembly itself.

Sangwa said this in a letter to speaker Patrick Matibini Who, with impunity, has set himself above the constitution and courts of law.

Sangwa has explained to Matibini that the Supremacy of the constitution clause is not a decoration but means that everything and everyone in Zambia is subject to the constitution.

Sangwa educated Matibini that the National Assembly and office of speaker are both creations of the constitution so they can not be above it.

Sangwa has warned Matibini that he might find himself in contempt of court if he continues disregarding court proceedings and orders.


Last week, the Law Association of Zambia filed an injunction in the Constitutional Court to restrain government through the National Assembly from enacting the Constitution (Amendment) Bill number 10 of 2019.

In view of the court process, LAZ lawyers Simeza Sangwa & Associates, wrote to National Assembly Speaker Matibini asking him to stop the process of enacting the Bill until the whole matter is determined by the Constitutional Court.

But Matibini informed LAZ that he won’t stop the proceedings because courts can’t interfere with parliament.

He claimed that parliament enjoys exclusive and unfettered jurisdiction in the conduct of its internal proceedings.

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